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Are you a veteran of the United States Armed Forces over the age of 65?

If so, you may qualify for a long-established (but not well-known) financial benefit provided by the Veterans Administration. This benefit can provide as much as $2,200 per month for single veterans, $2,600 per month for married veterans, and $1,400 per month for surviving spouses of a qualifying veteran.

How Do We Do It?

We are experienced elder-law attorneys. We help position veterans to receive this financial benefit and then create the legal tools the veteran may need to qualify and plan for an orderly transfer of assets to their family when they pass. In addition to implementing legal solutions, as a courtesy to our veteran clients, we work with you every step of the application process to ensure you receive the benefits you have earned.


Veterans Asset Protection Trusts


Caregiver Agreements


Revocable Living Trusts


Durable Powers of Attorney


Beneficiary Deeds


Proactive Legacy Planning

Start Protecting Your Legacy

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