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What wills do and don’t do

Wills are a time-tested legal tool that allow individuals to control who receives their property when they die. A will plan which includes the other legal documents discussed below is an ideal foundational plan for young families or others of modest means.

With a will, you can…


Designate who receives your financial assets when you die


Nominate someone to be the guardian of your minor children, if you are incapacitated or deceased

A will plan includes more than a will. An effective will plan should also include:


A general durable power of attorney. Because a will does become effective until you die, you need the power of attorney to designate someone to manage your property and financial affairs if you become incapacitated (or if you are traveling and unavailable to sign a legal documents)


A complete HIPAA form naming all the individuals you would want to be present when your medical condition is being discussed


A healthcare power of attorney


A living will

Some things you should know about wills:


Wills must go through probate court. There is a common misconception that wills avoid the need for a probate court proceeding. That is not true!


Wills DO NOT control jointly owned property.


Wills DO NOT Control property that passes by beneficiary designations (life, insurance, IRA accounts, and other tax-qualified accounts, for example).

Our Simple Will

We also partner with so that you can easily generate a simple will. This allows you to schedule a 30-minute appointment with one of our esteemed attorneys, an even more cost-effective solution compared to an in-person visit for a will consultation. By safeguarding your information and connecting you with our staff, our partnership with is a most convenient, affordable, and secure solution for individuals seeking to create simple wills.

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